Expedited Shipping

Expedited Shipping

LinQ Transport offers expedited shipping to our customers. We know how important it is for your cargo to make it to its destination on time, especially in time-critical situations. When you choose us for all your expedited shipping needs, you can be certain we will exceed your expectations. Not only do you have our guarantee that your load will arrive using the fastest transportation available, but you will be able to track it the entire way. We offer real-time tracking that allows you to see where your shipment is at all times.

Is It Worth It?

At LinQ Transport, we are able to fulfill your expedited shipping needs - both on the ground and in the air. We want to make you look good to the recipient of your shipment, which is why we have spent countless hours developing the technology to get your shipment to its destination fast. When you feel rushed and need your package to arrive quickly, give LinQ Transport a call.

Many people ask us if expedited shipping is worth the added cost. In many cases, the answer is yes. Sure, a late delivery is often just an inconvenience, but what about those times when it could mean a loss of business or could damage your reputation with other industry executives? In these cases, you absolutely need expedited shipping - and we can help. Expedited ground and air shipping is worth the extra investment for the following reasons:

  • Strengthens business relationships
  • Avoids any backlash or plant shutdowns
  • Minimizes time to market
  • Helps maintain value of goods
  • Allows you to stock just-in-time inventory